“Sherlock’s idea of compliments “[You are] amazing! [You are] fantastic!” are exactly the same compliments John gives him when they first meet - as most people call him a freak, they’re probably the only compliments he’s ever received.

His idea of how to be nice to people is what he’s learned from John.” [x]

*gross sobbing*

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This is really fucking powerful.

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Just your daily reminders:

  • Racists are a problem
  • White people are not
  • Homophobes are a problem
  • Straight people are not
  • Transphobes are a problem
  • Cis people are not
  • Sexists are a problem
  • Men are not

And most importantly,

  • Hating an innocent person solely because of their race, sexuality, or gender makes you a fucking asshole

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He’s so fucking done

Hahahahaha ‘Murica


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[switches to mother tongue to talk shit about you]

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Music-generating computers can hold a beat better than the best human musicians, but studies into the mathematics of musical composition have demonstrated that tiny imperfections and deviations in rhythm may be key to their beauty. A truly haunting performance may be so meaningful specifically because human error makes it, well, more human.

Science behind this discovery